Owning a food truck is a dream come true for me! As a Personal Chef, it was very gratifying to see my clients smile and enjoy the food I cook. But I could only do it for a few clients. I wanted to find a way to bring my food to more people. While I was nervous at first with this new venture, a dear family member told me “the problem with resisting opportunity is you may never get another chance”. So I decided to embrace it and jumped in with both feet and with all my heart. Dazzling Bistro was born!

What’s my cooking style? I love to take classic recipes and give them a new twist. I love to mix and match different flavors and textures. This is what I did with our Sinful Grilled Cheese Panini with Jalapeno-Banana Jam. We use havarti, smoked gouda, sharp cheddar and swiss cheeses to create a creamy, tangy and smoky flavor and texture, then paired it with sweet and spicy jalapeno-banana jam. There’s a hidden treasure in every bite. I experiment with different cooking techniques.You’ll see this in our Chef Specials. Come April and May when strawberries are at their peak, we’ll have a sous vide (water oven) cooked strawberry and champagne infused dessert and will use a smoke gun for the wow factor. I’m a spice nut! I use spices from all over the world. I’m also passionate about cooking international cuisine, dishes that evoke the culture of various countries, like our Duck 2-Ways Taco which is infused with Asian, Mexican and American flavors. Lastly, I’m always excited to share my knowledge about food and cooking. I’m sure you’ll find me talking about every single ingredient you can think of when you come to our Dazzling Bistro food truck. It’s my passion, it’s my joy.